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 Welcome to the Killester Garden Village website

This website has been developed to inform the Residents of Killester Garden Village of issues relating to the area.

The Association covers Abbeyfield, Middle Third, The Demesne and parts of the Howth Road, and has been set up in accordance with the guiding rules of The National Body For Residents Associations (ACRA).

Legion Hall - Update

  This building is currently up for sale.

St. Paul's College, Sybil Hill

  There is a planning application for the development of the playing fields in St. Paul's College. This development proposes the construction of 381 residential units. If you wish to comment on this application (3899/15) the last date is 01/12/2015.


Where we live - An Historical Note:

Read an interesting note on the origins and development of the Irish Sailors' and Soldiers' Land Trust. 
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(In PDF format)

Ironically this information comes from the UK National Archives! see link below.
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Check out the current affairs - Click Here


If you have an issue or query you can email your Association

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